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Business Transfer Agents

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Kensington Business Sales are leading UK business transfer agents, helping you sell your business for the highest price, while ensuring that the process is as smooth as possible.

What are business transfer agents?

Business transfer agents are similar to estate agents = but for businesses. 


Why should you use a business transfer agent?

A good business transfer agent will add a huge amount of value to the business sale process. This includes:

  • Preparing sales materials

  • Determining a valuation that will mean your business is sold

  • Advertising your business

  • Ensuring the sale is confidential

  • Vetting buyers

  • Preparing you for due diligence 

  • Ensuring you comply with legislation

Why KBS the best business transfer agent for your sale

Our team have been selling businesses for the past 30 years but we also have strategic knowledge that will help you increase your attractiveness to buyers, namely we:

  • Advise on how to increase your profit margin

  • Create a plan on strategic opportunities post sale - the potential for further growth makes a sale much more attractive to buyers

  • Consult on how to improve your online presence as this will have a dramatic effect on your revenues

Some business brokers inflate valuations to get entrepreneurs to sign up with them - just as some estate agents do with house prices.


This can be a costly mistake for the business owner and mean buyers are put off. Our valuations are honest, reliable, credible and highly confidential.

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